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Paradigm Shift is Here!
01/10/2011 08:00 AM by Anjeliq.


None yet.

Paradigm Shift Opens Recruitment!
12/16/2010 05:46 AM by Anjeliq.

Paradigm Shift is a newly formed 10-Man progression based raiding guild that play as Horde on the (US)Jubei'Thos-PVP Realm.

We aim to be a small band of players who focus on quality rather than quantity. We are currently recruiting in anticipation and preparation for our Core 10-Man group, We seek individuals who wish to learn and get to familiarize themselves with others they will be raiding with to strengthen our core raiding group.
Paradigm Shift will have a main focus on becoming a competative guild in the 10-Man circuit.

What we can offer you:

* A chance to progress with a committed and mature group of active raiders that give 100% each and every time.
* A mature raiding environment with players who share similar endgame goals to you.
* Fun! Laughs! & a Good Time! Although we tackle raid encounters with all seriousness, at the end of the day we aim to maintain the ability to do well in raids but at the same time have fun doing it.
* A fair and non biased group of people to participate in raids with
* Raid Leaders and Class Officers willing to help answer any questions you may have with extensive knowledge of the game, game mechanics, boss encounters and the classes we all love to play!
* Players who are not only adept at PvE but are also willing to join arena teams, BattleGrounds and other such PvP events with you and do so with success.

As such, we expect potential applicants to:

* Bring a positive outlook and personality to the guild, Aswell as being active outside of scheduled raid times.
* Have a good knowledge of the class you play and be willing to improve even beyond that. Be willing to take suggestions from peers.
* Have a suitable level of gear for the encounters we participate in.
* Realise we are a PvE Progression guild and as such be correctly spec'd and geared for such encounters.
* Always give 100% effort. Be there to the raid on time. Bring consumables, food buffs, flasks and repair gold.
* Be able to maintain a steady rate of raid activity and be able to follow the raiding schedule our guild offers. We do not expect Members to make 100% attendance but to make appearances when possible and make it known when attendance will not be possible.
* Be aware that on progression nights and new content wipes will occur and be willing to stick through the hard times in order to help the guild progress.
* Apply with the intent of sticking with our guild for a period of time rather then accepting loot and abandoning ship.


Paradigm Shift awards all loot via loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, upgrade value, seniority and previous loot received. As far as tracking loot distribution, all distributed loot will be posted on our forums following every raid.
Our goal is to award loot to players where it will best serve the guild from a forward motion progression standpoint but still maintain a level of equality and fairness so that those players who continuously put an effort in are not left out.


None yet.

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